Over 500,000 Square Feet of Dry and Refrigerated Warehouse Space

No matter how small or large the size and space needed, Florence Warehouse can accommodate the storage space required of your business. With over half a century worth of experience, our warehouse operators continually work to provide safe haven to your product.  From our dry warehouse space to the confines of refrigerated and temperature control, we offer all types of solutions to help service you.

License with ICE (Intercontinental Exchange Inc.)

Services include handling, transportation, certified weighing, sampling, and supersack capabilities, etc . We specialize in bulking and debulking of green coffee from all major New York and New Jersey ports. Our warehouses are located within 10 miles of all major NY and NJ Ports.

Certified Organic Warehouse Facility

Florence Warehouse is a certified organic storage and warehousing facility in the NJ/NY metropolitan area. To be organically certified, this New Jersey facility must meet certain criteria, such as partitioning and prohibiting the use of chemicals. We must also make sure that all cleaning methods are subject to certification standard criterion, allowing you to rest assured that your product retains its organic nature throughout its distribution.

Certified Kosher Warehouse Facility

Our Accem Warehouse is a certified Kosher storage and warehousing facility in the NJ/NY metropolitan area.